Thursday, October 25, 2007

Reviewing my lessons

Lesson 53

1. I have no neutral thoughts. Neutral thoughts are impossible because all thoughts have power. They will either make a false world or lead me to the real one. But thoughts cannot be without effects. As the world I see arises from my thinking errors, so will the real world rise before my eyes as I let my errors be corrected. My thoughts cannot be neither true nor false. They must be one or the other. What I see shows me which they are.

2. I see no neutral things. What I see witnesses to what I think. If I did not think I would not exist, because life is thought. Let me look on the world I see as the representation of my own state of mind. I know that my state of mind can change. And so I also know the world I see can change as well.

3. I am not alone in experiencing the effects of my seeing. If I have no private thoughts, I cannot see a private world. Even the mad idea of separation had to be shared before it could form the basis of the world I see. Yet that sharing was a sharing of nothing. I can also call upon my real thoughts, which share everything with everyone. As my thoughts of separation call to the separation thoughts of others, so my real thoughts awaken the real thoughts in them. And the world my real thoughts show me will dawn on their sight as well as mine.

4. I am not alone in experiencing the effects of my thoughts. I am alone in nothing. Everything I think or say or do teaches all the universe. A Son of God cannot think or speak or act in vain. He cannot be alone in anything. It is therefore in my power to change every mind along with mine, for mine is the power of God.

5. I am determined to see. Recognizing the shared nature of my thoughts, I am determined to see. I would look upon the witnesses that show me the thinking of the world has been changed. I would behold the proof that what has been done through me has enabled love to replace fear, laughter to replace tears, and abundance to replace loss. I would look upon the real world, and let it teach me that my will and the Will of God are one.

My comments.... In my last post's comments, I said, "I have not been a good student. I have permitted months to go by since my last posting." Now here it is in late October and I have to make the same confession. I can tell you I have a good excuse (or 20), I'm losing my job, my mother is in the hospital, etc., etc. I must become better at this.


Anonymous said...

as they say- just keep doing the lessons...even if we cannot see it now,... the few minutes offered to God, the one word or little touch we have given to another (our brother) that is for healing... it extends itself in ways we cannot even imagine!

P.L. Frederick said...

Hi there! Just wanted to say hello. I found your blog because it was one of 32 to currently have an Edgar Cayce tag show up in Blogger profiles, including mine. Happy blogging to you! Any happy Course in Miracles!

P.L. Frederick (SMALL & big)

Anonymous said...

Where are you?

Don't give up! You're doing great!

You're so close. Live like you haven't a care in the world because you don't!

The truth is all around you. Don't get caught up in the insanity and it will make itself known. Only the truth will set you free. There is no puzzle or riddle here. If you're searching for an answer in the world or feel you have to figure it out than it's not the truth. The truth doesn't have to be figured out, it just is.

Everything is going to be fine. Just enjoy the ride.

Duke said...

Peace be with the moderator, as well as all the readers of this message.(that is if it is not censored)
The time has come.
I am here to bring judgment to the living and the dead. The harvest is ripe.
Use the believers information network website to spread the news.

The Faithful Witness

Duke said...

Peace be with the moderator, as well as those able to read this message.( if it is not censored :-)
The time has come, the harvest is ripe.
Pass this message on to all fellow believers.

The Faithful Witness

Rainbow said...

so nice to have you here,Isn't it wonderful to do your forgiveness work,and isn't it wonderful to realize that you are only forgiving yourself for forgetting.Remember not to make anything real that is not.Only God is real